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Learning Russian Language

Hi, I'm living in Moscow and i want to learn Russian language. In exchange i can teach you English or Spanish or even Portuguese if you want to learn it. Portuguese is my native Language but I'm very confortable in English. Please contact me!



Hi Pedro! I am glad to mix with you. Iam pleased to write to you as a Russian, and English. I find it hard to translate only from Russian to English, and speak in English I'm just dreaming. Thank you!

Здравстуйте, Педро! Я рад переписываться с Вами как по русски, так и на английском. Мне трудно переводить лишь с русского на английский, а говорить по-английски я только мечтаю. Спасибо!


Hi. I'm interested in language exchange (rus-eng) through Skype. I recently started to learn English, I can write, read, speak a little bit, but I still don't understand when someone talks to me. Perhaps we can help each other.

Sure, any time! Pedrokaixinha - Pedro Cerqueira in skype


Hello Lena. Didn't get any skype request. I'll add you


Ola :)

I've added you in Skype, hope that we could help each other :)

Hi, Pedro! I am intereseted in study English I will be happy to help you with Russian.

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