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Optimist or Pessimist?

Hello Everyone,


I wanna ask this "Do you love the way your life is"?


I mean we meet so many people and sometimes we don't count our blessings though count theirs and started thinking why our life is so much different than them?


Are you an Optimist or Pessimist?

looking forward to your replies :))



I was pessimist before but I foget the experience. Dont know the meaning of humen have no right to be pessimist. But I remembered to be negative at the bottom. I found something is like the words.

There are reason I should not be against with it by myself. So steps by steps, walk out.

I still have my goals that want to achieve it. But I more enjoy the process by myself. Sometimes, I feel that is not bad to be pessimist. They dont believe natural one like optimist but they would find the iron reasons why they still live for

Optimist and only optimist! Optimists live easier, positive attracts positive and

I use to be very much a Pessimist. I actually a time period in my life I refer to as my emo (emotional) phase when this was particularly true. Now though I consciously make myself think on the bright side of things. Funny thing one day, a few years back after sitting beneath a tree talking to it (I know not the most normal of things to do I admit) I finally understood that life isn't something to just be endured. You have to enjoy it as well, after all how can one say that they have lived a fufilling and valuable life when they only focused on the negatives of the past?

I'm an optimist person, but I don't let be realist. I seek do the right things, study, work, and not making bad to the other. Be waiting the good things happen don't take no one a any place, if you do not plant the good, the return had not come.


Yesterday has gone. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. Everyday starts a new day. If your intension and soul are good, don't worry everything will be good. If something goes wrong, turn yourself and ask what is wrong with you? Ones who think pretty looks at pretty, ones who looks at pretty enjoys their life. 

I'm definitely an optimist. There is not other way I could live my life. When there is a negative there is always a positive for me to focus on. I don't associate too much with pessimistic and negative people. They turn me off and make me sick: oh, your glass is already half empty - the weather is nice now but I'm sure we will have rain - I liked my vacation but it was so short and too expensive - the wedding was great but the food was terrible .... you get my drift.


I am a realist, although my vision of the world consist of terms an optimist and pessimist . I must estimate situation and doing my own concludions and after that support of mine  experience or my friends or knowledge  doing prognoses .In almost of ocussions I hope that people are kind but always have doubt in soul. 


I prefer being an optimist. Everything seems lighter when you are positive. It's also a plus if you hang out with positive people. Keep smiling. :)

I think why we need to go through the theory to tell from something about fact?

When something come up on earth.

An experimentalist may think that is new

But an apriorism may think that has been before.

That will influence our view to the world.

And that will influence the language in English tense.

At least they are arguing with it

So be careful.


i used to be pessimistic but now i'm optimistic because i realized that we only live once

just one chance so we shouldn't blow it off

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