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The hardest sound in English?

What is the hardest English sound for you? 

I'm curious about how different languages perceive English sounds and what are the sounds that do not exist in your mother tongue. 



Sounds in spoken English are much softer than in Russian. I mean consonants.

Yeah, they're quite different. Russian consonants are so cute :) 

This is cheating, but even as a native speaker the sh sound sucks saying. Remember the old tongue twister "She sells sea shells by the sea shore"? Unless I slow down and really think about it I butcher it over and over.

It depends on your mother tongue and which sounds your phonemic chart contains and lacks. For example, I teach Englih to Spanish students and they struggle with voiced sounds (for example, treasure, very, freezes, judge...)


In Russian, I struggle with Ы  and р  in particular.

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