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How do you manage your time effectively? Do you have some specefic methods?or maybe it is not so important for you?



What does it mean "smoking hot"??))


It depends what needs to be done. If it's writting an easy essay I put it off until I can't anymore. If it's something I enjoy doing then it comes first. And finally if it needs to get done, but I hate doing it I do it with/around friends to motivate myself. Otherwise I don't worry about time, life is short should enjoy it as much as I can while I can~

I manage my time effectively by setting goals, planning ahead, setting priorities, using a calendar, making a todo list for my daily/weekly/monthly activities. I never put off something for tomorrow if I can do it today! Life is too short and you cannot make up time - it's gone forever.

1) Set some points for a day--when to get up, to take exercise, to pursue hobbies, to sleep, etc.

2) Set some goals for a decade--what are you going to achieve in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.


This is how I do.

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