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How do you manage your time effectively? Do you have some specefic methods?or maybe it is not so important for you?



well, you can say that im a creature of habit, i split my time very well, and juggle things perfectly. it's like a time-schedule, i don't have to go day by day, it's sth when i saw the light of the universe :D

speaking of which, you are so smoking hot :D

What does it mean "smoking hot"??))

i mean that you are too drop-dead gorgeous baby


It depends what needs to be done. If it's writting an easy essay I put it off until I can't anymore. If it's something I enjoy doing then it comes first. And finally if it needs to get done, but I hate doing it I do it with/around friends to motivate myself. Otherwise I don't worry about time, life is short should enjoy it as much as I can while I can~

I manage my time effectively by setting goals, planning ahead, setting priorities, using a calendar, making a todo list for my daily/weekly/monthly activities. I never put off something for tomorrow if I can do it today! Life is too short and you cannot make up time - it's gone forever.

1) Set some points for a day--when to get up, to take exercise, to pursue hobbies, to sleep, etc.

2) Set some goals for a decade--what are you going to achieve in your 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.


This is how I do.

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