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How often do you read books??



every day for at least 3 hour. do not have a friend like a book. as my dear

I agree with you. books never will betray!

I read books every day if I have spare time. I'm a bookworm, so for me nothing is better than an interesting book:)

Daily :) I'm more or less obliged to do so since I'm studying literature and constantly have to work my way through endless reading lists for my classes, but even if I didn't have to I'd probably still be spending at least an hour each day with a book :)

Once a year

Maybe one book a month.  Unless I find an author that I really like, then I will read everything from them that I can get my hands on.

I try to read books every day. It's Russian or English books..But I like different authors and about different themes. I think it's very interesting) 

you know i fell dow  when i did read all this comment cuz i don't read.

i like science books but i can't anymore bye it, its realy expencive.

i wish i can do like you :( 


Definitely everyday :))

I have spent lots of time in reading literature on network in recent years rather than reading books . I find words on web can be read more efficiently as they can be copied , deleted , edited and revised . But still , I like to read .

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