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What You Will Do ??

What you will do if you have got broken heart ??

What you can do ??

Something like everything can make you forget about everything ??



Hi Afifa, firstly I think that the person who broke your heart, he has no value and respect for you, he don't understand your feelings as well so then you need not to be worry for that person who doesnot care about you. So, if I got broken heart then I will move on without being pain and sorrow and hoping one day I will get perfect and right person for me. What do you think?

thanks :)

but i never ever cant forget him :(

Hi, don't think about on yesterdays. One who has broken someone heart, someone breakes to his/her heart. Besides this, Yesterdays couldn't come back and useless to struggle of them. New days bring new things. We should look at the future. Future can be under our controls, could be manage. If our intentions and souls are good, our future would be good, believe me. 

introduce a song to you,   "Hurt " by Cash Jonny.

Besides love, there are many precious things.   Go to some beautiful place and make friends from different culture.

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