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Being "here and now"

Some people say that being happy is being "here and now" without disturbing about your changebable future and regreting about the past. Do you agree with it? And what are the ways not to forget enjoing just one's present moment?




I agree with this. You can only be unhappy if you are regretting things that happened in your past or worrying about your future. In the present moment you and "your story" are not really here at all, there is only your true nature. This therefore must be what your really are.

Sometimes I get anxious and it is like a storm of wind and waves happening on the surface, but when I look underneath the storm there is always that present moment, perfect peace part of me bright and still and quiet underneath.

I think if you could be in touch with your present moment all the time you would have nothing to fear and would want for nothing, you would have perfect peace and happiness and the energy to create anything you chose to; this is my definition of buddhahood.

I think meditation is also a good way to feel just present moment. But the problem is to leave all you thoughts and be in total meditation

I absolutely agree that to be now and here is the best way to live on this planet.

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