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churc poor

"churc poor for poors"...these words said to the new Pope...what do you think about this assertion?

how much mistake are there??



Hi there! Do you mean that the Pope was called "the poor's Pope"? This refers to the fact that the new Pope Francis has been very concerned for the poor throughout his life and has been active in issues of justice for the poor. Or were you asking about something different in your note?

Hi again, I see what you are referring to now... the Pope wants "a poor Church, for the poor." I think the new Pope seems to have a very refreshing point of view. What do you think?

hi......what do i think about him? i see the new Pope a hope...he is a most powerful man and if he proves himself to be a modest person as he said at the election moment i think that the churc can to change....i don't want a poor churc but i want a churc modest ,clean and far away at the children!!!

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