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What countries would you like to visit and what can you tell about places of interest in your native one?

Please, describe some exciting places in your own country and also express your opinion about travelling abroad,besides what countries atrract you most of all?





Well, here in the Philippines we got the most beautiful beaches. The most beautiful thing about our country though are the people. We go through a lot of circumstances  but yet we tend to show our warm smiles to everyone. As for the the country that I would like to visit, I'll go for Australia and USA.

Maybe the other way is easier.

People tend to know more about places they have visited on holiday than their own country.

On a tour of a foreign country you visit the scenic spots, but few go on tours in their own country.


I can tell you the peaceful temples of Kyoto are worth a visit, but I know little of the maori villages here. :)

I love the street markets & evening sights of Beijing & Tianjin, the green roofs of Otawa, the views & busy crowds of HongKong, the long beaches of Surfers' Paradise.

My own hometown is known for rugged coastlines of windsurfers & seals.


Hi xvitalych


The people tell about the other places very well without appreciate the beauty of they country. I make the example of italy. It is a beautiful nation, there are a lot of museum , theatres , churchs and beaches are very very nice. When the guys come back by holiday, They are glad and happy of places where they have been. But they don't know that in your place there are other place that they should ,absolutely , visit.
For the 2 question:
I haven't visited a lot: only Turkey - ungheria - Barcellona and Vienna. I am angry because I have been in these places only for a weekend.
My dreams is South America , in particular BRAZIL and th USA.

Thank you for your comments ) I value your opinions

so don't be ashamed...tell us more about your hometown's sightseen places and share your traveling experience with everybody

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