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Guys, what do you do when you are depressed? Give advice...

sorry for my english)



I talk to friends, listen to music, I just think and decide what I'll do then.And my mother is always next to me for helping me :))))))).

But my mam lives far away...

Often I am sad because some things don't go like should be. In this cases i prefer go out and stay with my friends that often help me and give again the smile.....

Listen good songs, talk with others, it doesn't solve the problem. Use your mind, not your feelings, because feelings are deceitful, trust me.


You must to keep your mind in this promise. God said: "As I was with Moses, so I will with thee, I will not fail thee nor forsake thee".Joshua 1:5


Trust in His promise and see what happens with you.


Be thankful for all those wonderful things that are you and today.  The sunshine, taste of sweet things, ability to know and understand.  That we live in an enlightened world where you can choose science over magical medieval beliefs.


And for balanced quoting of absolute despair . . . . Jesus on the cross, "My God, my God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?" - Matthew 27:45-46


Shouting helps--sometimes you just need to let if off. Listening to music helps too :-)

Go for a nice long walk. When you get home have a nice cup of tea. With a nice bar of chocolate))

go shopping with your good firends and buy your favirout goods ,everything will be ok!

Time is  good medicine . if your feeling depression, donot make decision.

If my depression is about very big problem and I haven't got any help except God's help, I pray Allah for  helping me :) It is the best thing for leaving depression :)


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