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hi to all of you can you name some great spanish music?

spanish & english




What type of spanish music do you want to listen to? What purpose? To listen and hear the music, to hear the words or what exactly?


i need some great happy spanish and english songs

I like the group Pasabordo. Their song Quisiera is a very happy, up beat love song^^

Hi, I would recommend you this mexican rock music , you migth like it :)



one of my friends recommended this to me hope u like it :)



I quite like Mecano. I think the lyrics are easy to understand and the music is pop and easy to listen to.


Some Spanish-language artists I like:




Natalia LaFourcade

If you like Rock, you can hear:



Enrique Burnbury

Gustavo Cerati


If you like pop:

-Julieta Venegas (I love her)

-Playa Limbo

-La Quinta Estación



I recommend:
Gustavo Cerati
No te va a gustar
Miranda! ( I love this band!)
and so on! :D

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