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Anyone under 20?

Just wondering if there was any Italki members under 20ish here?



Why have you asked about age. This is a digital platform and you can discuss everything with everyone without care about age. 

Teens feel better with someone that round their own age. That's why.

Anyway, hello Mallory, I'm 17 (:

Well when you say under 20 I start to feel old... 20 going on 21, but still one of the most youthful members of my friend group (I prefer youthful over immature~)



me too! I'm 17

I'm sorry, what does Megan means?

Yea I'm Maxime and I'm 16 :-)...

Wow that's awesome. And, makdis57, of course I'll talk to people older than I am, but I was just curious as to who is on this site. Anyway, glad to meet you guys!

Yes I am 19

19 soon to be 20.. :)

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