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What do you think of these English listening practice videos?

I'm trying out a new idea to give my students some extra listening comprehension practice. What do you think of these video comprehension lessons? They are especially for those who want to practice more advanced English or who are studying for the TOEFL.

I would love your feedback. If they are useful to people, I will keep making more.



i do not know why that I  can not open the website you wrote down. But hope you good luck! have a great day!

Hi Michael, thanks for your comment! I'm not sure why it doesn't open for you, but you could try without the www, so just


Does that work when you try it?

Hi Kristina. This site is filtered in Iran.

Sarah, thanks for letting me know. That's unfortunate!


Hi Kristina, thanks for the information it looks like a really useful site!


Looks interesting

I think it will be usefull.

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