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Hello there, anyone can tell me how to pronounce 'Happy Birthday' in Farsi? This Thursday is my friend's birthday and he's come from Iran. So I would like to suprise him on that day by delivering my best wishes to him in Farsi. Please shoot me a message if you can help me. Thanks in advance!



The most fluent way is: " Tavallodet mobarak "

Tavalodet Mobarak.

Happy birthday ==== Happy ( Mobarak ) +  Birthday ( Tavalodet ) ==== Mobarak Tavalodet , and be attention that in Persian you must pronunciation it reverse in English, therefore,this is correct >>>>> Tavalodet Mobarak.

In Persian : تولدت مبارک


Thank you so much for all your help, dears!


exactly like this

'tavalodet mobarak ' bet you shold put the stree on l

good luck

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