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what is your happiness?

what is your happiness?



my happiness is that my family and friends close :) and you?

hah~maybe the same as you.

I have a lot of:) some of them: 

-being with my family

-eating chocolate or that delicious curd cheese "Prostokvashino" with raisins and watching romantic comedies

-receiving postcards, letters and parcels

-stroking animals

-reading books

-travelling a lot

-gathering with friends

-buying new shoes and dresses

-teaching children 

and many-many others:) 

my happiness is to be with my love ones.. thats all :D 

Food, Video-games, Friends, Fighting.

Food,videogames,friends,fighting..... my family when they arent trying to control my life.

my happiness is being at work & now adays studying English is very interesting for me 

My happiness is to be with my love one and doing things I love. :)

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