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Listening to Music?

Do you feel that by listening to music, you can improve learning a language? What are your thoughts?



If you mean listening to music in the language you are learning, then sure I do! It gives you listening practice and you can have fun at the same time

Definitely, it's works but don't listen to hip hop music because it's will not gonna help you at all. Make sure you listen to a country songs or any other songs that's not been remix for that you can able to learn any lauguage that you want to learn but in that case you wouldn't  able to read it though unless you watch video with songs that has lyrice or subtitles.

We have a Farsi radio station here in Dubai, and I always listen to this when I am inside the car.

I can understand some things they say now, I don't think I'm learning anything new from listening to this but it helps me pronounce more correctly because I'm listening to native speakers.

Definitely. Listening to songs sung in the language that you're learning definitely helps. It exposes you to the sounds and the melody of the language as well as much of the commonly used expressions which are all pieces to the big puzzle.

Listening to music that stand for your english is good. The words in song have to be suitable the structure of the song. Especially artists using the same musical form. So it is poetic. Not only happened in english.

And I noticed english has rhyme too while I watch scott pilgrim vs the world.

Just dont know what is it?

Perhaps for foreign english leaner they would find it when their english's level very well.

Pehaps under the state of unknown that need native speaker said ah~ it is pome.

Cause they may not know the pome form in english. Just feel beauty that is true significance in art

it is good suggestion for me

OK, let me start downloading the english music tonight ,

do people understand a feeling when you face one foreign people and you can explain your feeling and then just smile? it is very afflictive.

and next month, l have to go to foreign country!!!!

I read an article about this issue and the writer who is also an English teacher said in the blog that listening to music for learning doesn't work at all becaus singers don't pronounce some of the words correctly as in conversation and he suggested that don't put your energy on that instead just listen to English audio podcasts and watch movies and TV shows to learn real English. I think that's somehow true. But I respect all of your comments.

@phn_uk: that's true also for iranian music, but still I think it helps you learning, because music transports feelings, which makes you remember words more easily.

Yes, it definitely can improve learning a language. I improved my English by listening to various kinds of music. It's not a 100% helper, but it helps a lot. It can help in learning new words, not grammar. Because grammar used in lyrics, is not completely correct.

Yes, I think listening to music helps you to catch some words or whole phrases. But it doesn't help with grammar, and sometimes songs are full of slang and some giberrish which doesn't make sense at all (for me at least). Like Nicki Minaj's songs :-)


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