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What is marriage? What do you think of marriage?

What makes a happy marriage? Love? Romance? 



In Taiwan, some people said the marriage is the debt that you owe.

only for love

Marriage is a contract between two people (generally a man and a woman) who promise to spend their entire lives together in good times, bad times, happiness, sorrows, sickness and in health. The glue that holds a marriage together is love and respect for each other.

I think a happy marriage takes two people two be humble, and for them to be always willing to serve their partner. I think it requires both parties to believe in the same values or else it will be very hard on them. 

XD lol this is so deep

I think marrige is a kind of responsibility.It isn't only  contract between two peopel ,and contract two family.When one of those is on trouble,you should heep !the same as you .marrige is going to continuation of future generations,when you have a baby ,the complete family is very important to a child

I think what happy marriage is good only for movies or fairy-tales.There are many difficulties and accidentes in real life. And  some marriages stays happy, other only look so.

A matter involving 2 families. Complex life...

Marriage is a decision to love the totality of the person - to be together for a lifetime and to work together for the welfare of each other especially for the children.   It is a lifetime commitment and responsibility.

I think, that the marriage is a harmony of love and respect. If a couple doesn't respect each other, it's not а happy marriage.

A marriage is way to keep two people(one male  another female) together for entire life.

but todays definition has changed. they live together untill they die or divorce.

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