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What do you VALUE most in your life?

I would like to know what do you value most in your life - is it career, relationship, money, friends, honor, family, achievements, etc....... Please be honest.  Thank you. 



My faith

Great, Stefania!!!  What do you believe in?

All of these!  hahaha~~


Knowledge.  No one can take it away and you can pass it along to people you meet to keep your ideas alive even after you have gone.

@jasonlascurain - great answer!

Hi Atoy

Anyone have any priority in your life. About me I can say that the family occupy the one position. After the family, there is a health and the job.

My faith. :)

"Peace of mind "  Each person has different ways of achieving it .

@Gaetano - I agree..maybe the same with me - - Family..

@Blind Rainbow - wow!! great...

@Prashant  - superb!!!


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