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Do you have any song which is special to you???

When we were young, we were easily attracted by a song because of its melody, however, as we grow up, we prefer to know its lyrics and the special story behind the song.


Recently, I am listening to Beyonce- broken-hearted girl, its lyrics are so real and touching. When I was listening to the song, it seems that I can really feel that pain. Moreover, another similar Chinese song is 剪爱-张惠妹. I think most Chinese people know what I am talking about.


After we experience more, we have more feelings about songs because some times it seems that lyrics are saying about our own life.


Do you have any song which is special to you? Please feel free to tell and give a little bit reasons if you want. Thanks:)



I got some troubles and at that time I was listening to '' Get it right '' - a song in Glee. The song expressed all my feeling. It's really specical to me 

I like "a thousand years", because the first part of lyrics expresses the people are afraid of loving someone (especially the people who got hurt before).

I think I understand

I like Only One from yellowcard. I like that song because it's remind me about a girl that i loved a few years ago..

I like Michael Jackson,all of his songs,whatever the melody the sounds the story the dance all are the best,his music accompany me in the springtime of my life,though the youth never returns,my life effected.

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