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Humans are the only creature in this world . who cut the trees , made paper from it and wrote then 'SAVE TREES ' ON IT.



This is a sharp comment with sense of humor.

So far the only way I think of in which we can solve this problem is to find something else to take place of paper. Actually we have begun to do it. More and more people choose to read e-books, like me;) prefer to write on computer rathen than on paper(not for environment though), or use recyclable paper instead of unrecylable paper.

Anyway, I think this problem is not able to be resolved overnight. However, changing is starting.

Let's expect all the people in the world to realize it and protect our unique mother earth together.

It s truth . We do not estimate routinly things (paper or something else ) that use for years , but ecological problems (flood)  help thoughful about it and doing conclusions .

True that.

Today people have started using more of computers than papers, eg. smart classes, saving datas on computers in hospitals, offices, etc. But still papers are widely used and will continue for many more years. So i would rather say that, students in schools should be taught about the importance of trees, papers and also about how many trees are cut down every year for the manufacturing of paper. By giving them such education in schools they will soon realise how important are the trees to us, to them and then they would prefer using more of computers than papers. I think educating students in schools from the beginning about such problems that can not be resolved for many years is the best solution. 

Growing and using hemp can solve that problem.  Hemp provides food (the seeds), paper, clothing, rope, baskets, plastic, etc.  One of the first automobiles was made from hemp and ran on hemp oil!


Humans are also the only creatures who intentionally breathe smoke into their lungs.  Every other living being flees, if it can.


We also pollute our own living spaces and consistently kill for no reason.  How can we possibly consider ourselves superior beings, or even more intelligent than others?


We're also the only creatures who cook spaghetti, or use the internet ._. D: .-.

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