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To all Slovak language learners

Why are you interested in learning Slovak? :) 



I want to learn slovak because I love slovak women's .. I met one and fell in love since then I just want to be able to communicate better and understand better the lenguage ..:) 

Because I'm living here, beside is an interesting lenguage and difficult as well

I've been to Slovakia several times, and like the places I've seen. The slovaks I've met have been nice. I'd like to explore more, but feel that it's wrong (arrogant) to rely on them speaking english.. I also think that future trips will be more enjoyable (and easier) if I can communicate with slovaks in their language. It should also help me progress to Czech and maybe also Polish.


I have heard once that Slovak is “the Esperanto of the Slavic languages”, and learning Slovak will make it easier to understand nearly any other Slavic language… because Slovak is “in the middle” not just geographically but also linguistically, you will see more similarities to other languages than if you pick a Slavic language “at the outside” (e.g. Czech, Russian, Bulgarian).


Plus I’ve been to Slovakia a couple of times and have friends there now :)


My dad and his whole family is from Slovakia. I would love to be able to speak to moja starámama :D

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