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You are postcard lovers,then Send a postcard to each other^__^

Do you love beautiful postcard......

We need friend's greetings from all over the word......

Postcards are the easiest and most sincere greetings......

Do you like the postcards from around the world......

It is simple, please leave your address and actively send postcards to others......

Begin to me,if you want a postcard from China,please leave your address or you can send message to me to tell me your address!!!!





ok ...hmmmm  i approval  love beautiful postcard.  so my address is Ziwei Road,Haicheng Town,Longhai City,Fujian Province,China... thank you very much!

@obl  ok... I will send to you ^_^(by the way,do you want I write English or Chinese,,,,chinese friend haha..)

I like travel and beautiful landscape.Ofcourse beautiful postcardis is very attractive to me. so my address is Linghai Town,Jinzhou City,LiaoNing Province,China.3q!^_^

yeah postcard is very very great thing, also if from your best friend, and you can hide postcard. When you miss her/him, you can read that special postcard again. :)

can you send a message to me about your address,,ok?@prodigal

yes,,so I love postcards,,,,not only from best frend,,but also from anyone  ,,all I love,,,^_^

@izzet  ↑   ;)

fantastic idea, postcard,,,any instruction for those who never had the experience of posting cards before? (within mainland china)

so simple,,,have a postcards  and write some words you want to say  and write other address who you want to post ......then..foind a mailbox and post it  ok!:)  @NileDAngeli


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