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Do u kown the British TV series?


I want to see some British TV series to improve my ENGLISH listeninging,do you kown  that?

please introduce to me,thank you



Hi! I like British period dramas such as "Pride and Prejudice", "North and South", "Sense and Sensibility" by BBC. You can also try "My Family" sitcom, it is more modern and hilarious. 

I suggest you to listen to podcsts if you want to improve your listening. There are tons of podcasts at BBC site you can download them as mp3 files. Most of them have transcript and it is very useful. 


I can name you some quality British TV series.


First I highly recommend Monty Phyton, Little Britain (includes different biritsh accents), Doctor Who (my favorite) and last but not least Sherlock. :)


My favourite British TV series is Peep Show. It's an interesting comedy.

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