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If there is no love in the world

      Hi! Everybody , my English is poor, but written in English, most of people can understand.

      I think love is the most troubling,When I grow up, love become very realistic.i don't konw why. Man always mature later than women, So, they hurt a lot of women.

      I also fell in love with a shouldn't love of boy, Although know to forget him, But I can't do, If people are fall in love,  will forget their own direction. Really want to meet a person who we love each other.

      But very difficult!!




YES I UNDERSTAND YOUR POINT, Lots of hardship people go through, heart break they never planned, but is part of life, always another day, another friend to meet

People in the real life sometimes do not love that people who you think you fall in love with him, there

is some other  reasons  such  as  unaccepted, depended part,etc. If there is not real happiness when living together, I think that go  away  is  best choose.

     Now  i  lived with my  nice girl  in the simple way happily

Regards  everyone

the right  time met fit people!

everyone to pass it.

Love is a trouble,but no one wouldn't want to touch it.

Maybe just go by your heat,and you won't be regret.Of course it likes a poison. 

love is consist of happiness and hurt,and most is hurt.


the lovers should learn to tolerate each other,in the beginning ,it's easy to find good points from each other and the weak points are hide and ignored,but it will come out in a long run,so love can't keep for long ,around 10 months as per scientific research results.then the love isn't that love,it's like a habit or dependence or bond etc. and if one is apart and the other like missing something,not that strong but lasting.

Thank you for your reply,

I totally agree that there is a special someone for you.

I also believe that every relationship we had whether good or bad is an opportunity to know ourselves, to know who we really are relative to that person.

For me love is eternal. It doesn't hurt. When love hurts, it is not love anymore. It is attraction. Attraction with attachment really does hurt.

So, my advise for you my dear, just be yourself and know yourself. Enjoy life with your friends and family. Learn to love yourself. You will just feel inside you whenever you're ready for a relationship. 


"Love yourself first before you can love others." You may not understand what I am talking to you right now but soon you will. Experience will teach you. =)

Yes maybe now it is too difficult for you but the time will heal all your scars and ease your pain :)))))

if without love , only leave behind the economic interests relationship of human.

is depend of you,,, just find another love and make that one for experience,,, don't make your live suffer,,, 

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