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What do you think of how long you can to learn the language well and will it help me communicate in english..????



Hello Ayka,


I think it depends on your learning ability and how much effort you devote to studying English. Some people are able to communicate on a simple level after 1 month and for others it may take longer. When I moved from Europe to the US it took me abou 2 months to be able to communicate a little, 6 months to reach the intermediate level, and 2 years to become proficient. I'm still learning every day!


Good luck with your studies - be persistant - don't give up.

Hi Ayka


it is never to learn too late... I am attending a English course. At the same i use italki and chat with partner friends here. Only with the perseverance and diligence, you will fell more sure and you will not have fear to speak with an other people

sometimes in communicating what I am feeling is the complex, I guess I need a lot of practise)))now my level in english pre-intermediate,I hope it's only beginning)) thank you)


What you are feeling is normal.

Too many new words and too much grammer can overwhelm a person and bring about a feeling of insecurity and doubt. Or sometimes it feels you reached a plateau and don't seem to progress. Almost everyone goes through these stages. It happened to me several times. It is normal. You just need more practice (1 hour every day would be good). What also helps is reading a text loud and hearing your own voice. Good luck with your studies - be persistant - don't give up.

Heinz  thank you for advice,I think it's help me in future))


Ayka, do you want to learn English so that you can communicate effectively with friends, colleagues, business partners, or because you would like to be as proficient in English as you are in your own language?



To my mind I think that even in our own language, we're still learning, So practice make perfect in any field...

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