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how important is to say"i love you" everyday to your couple or partner



saying i love you, is direct to the person, it is a msg that ppl klnw and understand, instead of saying....other things, saying i love you can make someones day:) but if u use it, do me a favor of just saying it when yoiu mean it, not faking it:0

thanks for your comment, i think to say i love you, is very important when you really love that person in your life..:)

But love is not in words. We should express love in actions other than saying i love you 

yes, i agree ith you..

Even if saying i love you is a way to express love..Isn't it?

to say "i love you" is only a part of ho to express your love, but is very important to show with action than words 

 you can say i love you every day, but the thing is more important that's your action do to your partner. i think you love somebody by action is better only say i love you every day!

I think you are right

i aslo say " i love u " with RIck Garcia every day, and i feel happiness


just wished to meet.

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