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philosophical questions about the meaning of life!


One of the best things about my job is having philisophical conversations with people from all over the world and getting paid for it.  Yesterday I found the following website which has wonderful pictures with thoughtful questions.


I used some with my students today and they loved them.  They could be used in lessons, language exchange sessions or you could just record the answer in the language of your choice into a recorder on your mobile phone.  


The site has a thoughtful question every day.  Today's is  What is something you wish you had started sooner? My answer is teaching.  What's yours?



plz tell me the details about your job.

for me it is, Traveling, thanks for the sharing the Website!


EM-KAY-ES asked what my job was. My job is teaching English conversation online! But one of my students said my lessons were philosophy lessons as well as being English lessons. I try to get my students to think in the classes to really challenge them to express themselves.

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