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How HAPPY are you?

In the scale of 1-10...10 as the highest and 1 as the lowest...How happy are you today? 






That's great! a little high.

Happy = 8


i would say it depends on who u ae with,:) your confort level with yourself:) i love the topic of happiness bcuz :) happiness everyone has, and it is so fascincating to learn about, i watched a documentry, basically its off of psycholgy, so how ppl think, but all around world abnd what it comes down to is, what do u need to be happy , deciding on your needs vs. likes, i  am native from usa, but how i choose my wants vs needs is so different from usa, i choose much like ppl who live in other countries who are less wealthy countries, i am happy because I BELEIVE IN a God who loves us all and cares for us, and i am happy because i dont need posessions to make me happy, it is friends around me:) do something you enjoy and you are happy, go outside, enjoy what you have and be grateful , after you realize this, you can enjoy each moment of your life more and more:)

Good answers, guys!!!  Stay happy...

In the scale of 1-10...

10! Why? because God gave me another day to live in. It doesn't matter what life may bring you up today, whether good or bad, I'm happy because I was born and contented in what I have in this world :)))


@Joyce - I agree..

@MariaDancer  - that's great!

@Iena - SUperb!!!!


@Der Terminator!!! great!!!!


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