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Why people always dissatisfy themselves?



Because they are not happy and confident with themselves. Maybe they are not satisy with their looks or with their standard of life, so it comes to a point where they tend to look bad at themselves and become conscious to what the society thinks of them.

Those people need to look on the bright side of life and not because you lack something doesn't mean that God don't love you or life already had forsaken you. Just be thankful and satisfy on what HE had given to you and don't be jealous to other people because it will soon devour your inner self and soon you will end up being prideful and even you will hate others including yourself.

   Maybe you're right,but as you said,it's so hard to become no jealous,no hate and any other bad things.I'm not sage,i always have some feeling like these although i know it's not good.Well,i will have a try to control my mood as much as possible! 

 Thankyou for your advice!

Yes. I know, I felt it too, to be jealous for other people but before I do and think such ridiculous things that could lead up to anger and envy, I tend to look at those people who are experiencing famine and less fortunate and then I will reflect into things and I will realize how fortunate I am to be jealous over the things or matters that I don not have :)


I pray to God and ask for His guidance thank Him for all the blessings thta I recieve even though I don't have all of it :)

I think that this is related to the daily life of people with others
can help them joy and positive in life)))good luck)

because we are not satisfied with our present.. we think that we was living joyfully in past (childhood) and also dreams that we will make our future so enjoyful.. but what about present ?? whenever we starts thinking that what i'm now is best.. then we enjoy and love to live.. and we become the happiest person in the world :)

the family member all health  it is my satisfied.

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