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What are the benefits that you can gain from learning another language aside from your native tongue?

I'm a Filipino and tagalog is my native tongue, at the same time, I know how to converse in English. As a college student who majored in English and Literature, I find so cool to study other language esp Spanish

After I graduate, Can you recommend me some multilingual jobs? what are the benefits of being a multilingual?
Thank you ^^ 



The reason I learn other languages is for the challenge, as well as the reward of being able to talk to foreigners, even better if it's without the language barrier. I love meeting new people, but only being able to communicate in a single language limits who you can meet, and what stories, cultures, lives you can hear about. I think it's quite sad that English is becoming the dominant language in most countries (or quite a few influential ones at least) and we are forgetting some of the most beautiful sounding languages that will just disappear one day.

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