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What is your motto?

My motto is "Riding a black horse forward and backward" and "

Adel sitzt Gemüt,nicht im Geblüt",what's yours?



My motto:

"Do what you like and love what you do"
- Bang Yongguk 

"Don't mind what others may think of you because you are not waking everyday just to impress them" 

Well my motto would be very simple. Time is money...

May "live and let live other people" Although every day motto may vary. Life is multifaceted.

"An expert is once a beginner."

no pain no gain

Do good

"You are the architect of your destiny, you are the author, you write the story of your life, write... And isolation depends entirely on your choice"
Therefore, choose for yourself the best, good, light... Believe in yourself! Realize your dreams and achieve goals. Seek love and give it to each other! Life is a canvas on which you themselves draw whatever you want. There are events that we can't prevent, and we are not subject to the execution of other people's destinies, but in our possibilities - to give life or better someone's life! This is the main purpose of all - do good!;)

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Live every day up to your expectations, not others.

Hi Sapphire

I prefer " Il mondo è bello perchè è vario ". I have written it in italian language that become in english language became " The world is beatifule because it is various". What does it mean?
We must learn to appreciate the a lot of difference cultural social and of other people come from different country.
We aren't all same.

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