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Do you thik your parents should tell you what to wear?




I don't think so.I think we need keep ourselves  style.

Yes, I would like to wear what my parents think is appropriate for me. I don't like to bring shame to them by behaving improperly or by wearing inappropriate clothes. Well, my mom tells me which shirt matches with which pant, so it would be good to do as she says, otherwise I may look like a wierdo.


For girls, I think parents have a say because they care for them and they don't want any harm to happen to the girls. Well, you know, this world is full of wolves waiting to devour someone. You can't even fully trust your closest friend. This is my opinion.


In my opinion your parents should help guide you and help you to make your own decisions on what to wear.

If they need to tell you what to wear when you are an adult, then somewhere along the lines of raising you, they have failed!

well, I don't think so. But sometimes I discussed that with my mom. We often do shopping together, share, and the others..

I think they also have a rigth, because they have responsibility of us :)

But yeah, It must be ours who decide what would we do, would we choose and wear..


Sometimes we get dressed as we if you want to wear a thing instead of another, you mustn't to have a fear to do it.....


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