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What do you think

What do you think about my country: Indonesia? I just wanna to know ur opinion



i think it's a beautiful, tropical and primitive country. by primitive, i mean it is a country without any pollution caused by human activities. since it locate in tropical area, the landscape is brilliant. i would like to go to Indonesia if i have a chance to travel oversea. but,  i know little about the country's local cultrue and politic.

Thank you. I nice too meet you in here my friend.
You know? early, i feel i live in a country which not different with other country (not special for me)but.. my mind is change when i introduce sea. Sea in Indonesia is very and very beautiful, and i like it. I hope u can go to indonesia, so that i can show u beautiful nature in here directly :)


Suharto was prezident of Indonesij. Thes know I. Indonezil is much islands.

maybe, almost the same with my country - made of many islands.  I guess, all Indonesians are Muslims..



1) volcanoes lol

2) beautiful islands

3) coffee beans 

4) genuine people

5) blooming middle-class

enough its the largest muslim country,i like her and i respect the people in this country

Jakarta - traffic jam everywhere.  People already got used to it.

Islands - beautiful

People - nice and pleasant

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