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choices in life

in this life, you have a lot of choice, you have chosen to happiness .............. MONEY OR LOVE..??



Both of it are needed. But if we love each other. It does not matter to earn money together as an adventrue.

Definitively love although we should not expect love from others. we have tove give love asking nothing in returning.

For romantic people, they will choose LOVE.

For practical people, they will choose MONEY.


But I guess, we need both --LOVE and MONEY.  It's a balance between the two.  We can't say just all love or just all money.  If you have both,  then you're lucky.!!


Happiness - what is it? - for me to make somebody happy even for a make somebody smile, to make somebody forget about troubles or daily problems....
When I see happy people I'm happy myself.

Hi Ayka

With money you can live better but it don't make happy you.
Always Always love but must to be a true love........


Thanks for komenty, it was interesting to hear your opinion :)

love, health, money - For me in that order.

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