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russian Poems

i think that > > using russian poems in learning russian language is more useful than using songs
so i want help to find some russian poems with audio to practise on it ... i will be greatiful to help us ...

what do you see !??



I agree! Poetry is a magical and inspiring form for learning a language. And it is more focussed than singing.


I searched for recordings and found Анна Ахматова - Муза (Anna Akhmatova - The Muse) on Youtube. She is filmed reciting her own poem.


good one .. i also was searching for (Я вас любил) for (alexander pushkin) ..
its very nice

Hi! Yes, it is one of the ways to learn language. I am not sure about your level of Russian, but if you can read some russian I want to recommend you this site - - you can download some poems from there. Also I recommend to listen to audiobooks and radioshaws (радиопьеса).  

thanks for your help .. but this site is totally in russian !!

You can register on There are many audio books in Russian for free on this social network.

Here - are audios where poets (Akhmatowa, Pasrenack and other) read their poems self. There is interesting link "Old Radio" -, there is a lot of records too. But this old record, not very clear. What kind of poetry do you like? I am a philologist, maybe I can help you. Sorry, I'm still very bad in English.


thanks for your link
iam really not sure about kind of poetry >> but i think i want to know more about russian history
Is there are any poetry about history !!?
that's all

Russian sir, I prefer to ear a Dreams Theather it´s a good band and they mantain you awake all time

Here there are some tracks of Pushkin.

I adore Pushkin's poems and highly recommend his works as well.

I would also mention one of Bella Akhmadulina's work:

А напоследок я скажу...
А напоследок я скажу:
Прощай, любить не обязуйся.
С ума схожу. Иль восхожу
К высокой степени безумства.

Как ты любил?
Ты пригубил
Погибели. Не в этом дело.
Как ты любил? Ты погубил,
Но погубил так неумело.

И напоследок я скажу...
Работу малую висок еще вершит.
Но пали руки, и стайкою, наискосок,
Уходят запахи и звуки.

А напоследок я скажу:
Прощай! Любить не обязуйся.
С ума схожу. Иль восхожу
К высокой степени безумства.

Так напоследок я скажу...










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