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Russian literature

I know there is the obvious Anna Karenina, but what are some other novel in Russian? (especially geared towards younger people).



It depends of literature preferred by you. What genre do you prefer? Novels, fantasy, thrillers?


I am reading one of Darya Dontsova's (Дарья Донцова) books at the moment, and she writes detective stories. Her books are simpler to read than the Russian classics – and her language style is more modern and she uses more conversational language...


A site which you could explore is this site - There you can find a lot of authors and stories, and determine which one you like the best... Удачи :)

Jotraza, are you kidding? Dontsova has nothing to do with the literature)) She writes some crap for hosewives) That would be the same if you compared "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with some sitcom!


Mallory, are you going to read our classics in Russian??


You can find a lot of long lists of russian classic books in internet, but on the top of my head are:

Федор Достоевский. «Преступление и наказание» (1866)

Михаил Булгаков. «Мастер и Маргарита» (1929-1940) - one of my favourite books! «Собачье сердце» (1925)

Островский Александр. «Гроза» (1859) - easy to read.

Иван Гончаров. «Обломов» (1869)
Иван Тургенев. «Отцы и дети» (1862)

Александр Пушкин. «Евгений Онегин» (1823–1833)


I don't know any books geared towards younger people but I recently read The Funeral Party by Ludmilla Ulitskaya which was a great read.

Три сестры(Чехов А.П.), Война и Мир(Толстой Л.Н.), Идиот(Достоевский Ф.М.), и много, много чего интересного)))

If you like SF, I would certainly recommend most of the novels by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (Аркадий и Борис Стругацкий).


Another interesting book is, in my opinion - "Похороните меня за плинтусом" (П. Санаев).


Enjoy your reading :)




"Crime and Punishment" by Dostoyevskiy is my favourite novel. I think it's especially appealing for teenagers. It's very interesting and thought-provoking.

"Похороните меня за плинтусом" which someone mentioned is also a great novel, but I don't think that there's a transation.

Also, there is the Watch series by Lukyanenko (Twilight Watch, Day Watch & Night Watch)- a great fantasy series.  

Master and Margarita by Bulgakov is an interesting series also, although maybe a bit of a tough read.

All of the above have series and movie versions which are also great.


Я рекомендую романы А.Курко́ва. Они прекрасно подходят для подростков!


Мой любимый роман Куркова - <<Смерть постороннего>>, в английском - Death & the Penguin.

Нет ничего проще русского языка:

1). Русский алфавит. Звуки и буквы почти тождественны. Складывай слова и читай слитно звуки внутри слова. Тебя поймут сразу все русские. 1. Russian alphabet. Sounds and letters are almost identical. Letters did put together - received words and read the sounds within words. All Russian will understand you at once . .

2). Не читай художественные произведения и тем более стихи и анекдоты. Начни с учебников для детей 5, 6, 7 лет. 2. Do not read fiction and the more poems and anecdotes. Start with books for children ages 5, 6, 7 years.

3) Найди книгу: Профессор. В. М. Чистяков "НАГЛЯДНОЕ ПОСОБИЕ К ИЗУЧЕНИЮ СИНТАКСИСА РУССКОГО ЯЗЫКА ДЛЯ УЧАЩИХСЯ VI—VIII КЛАССОВ НЕРУССКИХ школ" Лучше этой книги трудно найти. Ищи учебники русских авторов для нерусских школ. Look for books by Russian authors for non-Russian schools

I am not sure how good you are in Russian. Or do you read in English?

I would recomend Pushkin novels, he has nice, simple and easy to undertand stories.( I am not mean poems.)

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