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Come on!! What brings out your passion for foreign languages?We need partners!

Let's help each other with learning language! I'm Chinese,and I want to learn English.What about you! WHY do you want to learn foreign language?? Me? For romance!



I speak Farsi and I am learning English. I love learning new languages and I like English so I am learning it.

I speak Bahasa Indonesia and I love to learn other languages, because I found them very interesting! haha it's simple like that. ;w;

As for English, I need it because i love to surf the internet, which most of the time the site is using English, playing video games, read comics, and so on.

To be able to get a good job precisely~
hmm. To be able to communticate with the world.
I think that learning a new language is like getting a new soul :)

I would like know more cultures, also meet new friends

God want us to learn other languages to be able to defind our religion to anyone in the word, also to be able to show people our religion and the cause of our existance in this life and God order us to search for science even if it will be in China or America 

It's so nice of you~! I also want to meet friends from all over the world.I feel myself responsible for the cultural communication! English comes first because of my BF who is going abroad.

i want to learn because i want have a great job :)

language is verygood tool for connect each other i think this reason is most improtant  

Work, travel, cultural understanding, friendship, love, sex, self-improvement...

I moved to South Korea and realized how important other languages are for the world. I can get by using english but not have an authentic experience unless I know the native language. 


There's so much more out there than just english and I want to experience it. I want to travel everywhere.

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