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What are some of your favorite countries to visit in the world and why?



Italy,cause he was there.

Japan and Italy because I love their culture, language and people's personality, especially in Japan. :)

I like to go to japan. I like its culture. :)

UK and USA! It because I have so many favourite bands in these both of country

Due to I havn't gone abroad before.

There are so many conturies I want to visit.

Such as Thailand, Russia,Spain,Swissland,Greece and etc.

Furthermore, I want to visit USA to onsite watch NBA games, not only I like basketball, but also I am a Lakes fan, especially for the top star: Kobe.Bryant.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting country!:)




I really want to go to UK and to France because of their culture, history, which I think is fascinating. I also want to go to USA to see all my friends who live there.

I like HongKong,because environment good and people friendly

Hmmm... Countries that there are lots of historical views...

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