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Language exchange English(me)/Italian(you)...Scambio linguisitco Inglese(me)/Italiano(voi)

Hello! Ciao!

I'm looking for language exchange partners who speak italian and would like to work on their english. I'm from Canada and am a native english speaker (western canadian accent-very standard north american).



Hi, I'm interested in language exchange English Italian .. I'm form Italy, native Italian speaker.

Hello teresa! I'm looking for language exchange partners who speak English and I'm Italian, so I hope you want to follow me

If you want we can work together on Skype once or twice a week.


hi i could use some of your help too.. and maybe you could use some of mine :)

Ciao Teresa... anche a me piacerebbe fare questo scambio! Se sei interesegui potresti seguirmi su italki per iniziare a parlare e a conoscerci meglio. :) 

Hi Teresa, I'm interested.

I'm Italian, living in Italy, native in Italy, Italian blood.
I'm very happy to do practice with my english.
So, if you want, please follow me.


Hi Teresa, yes I'm interested. I'm italian native, I can help you and I'd like to improve my english, so you can help me. 

ciao terasa..

sono qui per te..

a presto.


hi Teresa

nice to meet you. I'm bob and I'd like to improve my bad english and help you if you want.

You can speak with me on italki or on skype.

see you soon


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