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How to improve my spoken english?

I study the English for seven years . I love english very much ,and  I  want to improve my spoken  english.



I study English for 14 years already and still counting. I'm majoring in Literature and English :) I'm still studying though~

What I do is immerse myself in the language. Practice conversing English everyday and make it a point to read English textbooks everyday. It's really worth it :) 

If you want to practice your English conversation. feel free to add me on skype. I will be happy to help and boost your self confidence :)

skype ID: joyce.gonzaga2 

Hey Mere, 

The secret to improving your spoken english is....

speaking it!


My korean friends talk to themselves in english when they are alone to improve their english. Talk all the time. Talk to yourself while taking a shower, take to yourself while you're in your house. Talk to new people on skype. It's hard to get used to speaking at first, but you will improve quickly


Good luck, send me a message if you want to skype and improve your english. 

Im also need someone to practise in English))


I speak to myself, like Zackjf343 said.

I don't really have friends who i can speak english to in real life, so i just listen to some English words or sentence from TV or video games, then repeat it by myself.

Zackjf343, what's ur skype id?

i want to talk to u

i learn one ways  to practice my spoken english ,that is talking to myself.

you must speak it everwhere and anywhere...

you have to practise language skills: listening/ speaking/ reading/ writing these four base skills help you to exchange and improve your language learning...good luck

my name is Ade Perdhana Putra, i am Indonesian. i want to improve my English and learn French. would you be my partner?


my skype: adeperdhana

I go along with the comments above. If there is nobody to talk with, then talk to yourself like if you were crazy.

You can also find some tips about it in this site:

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