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Why Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber? What do you think about it?

I'm from Asia and I don't quite familiar with the western pop music, even so I've heard of his name and a couple of his songs.

I don't follow the type of his music very much, maybe due to our generation gap? But I still have to say he is amazing! Just for one reason, he is so young. Yes, he becomes so successful at such a young age when most of us even don't know what a success is. His song" baby"  became a worldwide hit as he was only 16, which is an achievement many people spend their lifetime to pursue.

Actually until I read his growing-up experience on encyclopedia, I didn't know his mother is a single mom and she worked very hard for raising him. I thought he must be born to kind of a musical family. But the fact is not like that. I can imagine their life at that time shouldn't be easy. Nevertheless, Justin showcased his talent in music and becomes the singing sensation in the end.

So how do you guys think? Why this young adult succeeded? Because of his talent, opportunity,hard workin or something else?



Justin has bad attitude , I don't have much respect for him :) 


I dont like him

Things happen just like that and we seldom can explain why it happened. Justin Bieber's rise to stardom is one such example. Justin is very popular to little boys / girls in USA and abroad beacuse he is young (not old), is cute, have good looks and sings well. His fans love everything about him. However, everyone else do not agree with such views. There are many music lovers who do not even agree he is a musician. Maybe time will tell how Justin and his music team (musicians, managers and others) develop Justin as a brand. I believe we will see a lot of Justin in the coming years if he stays sane, inspite of all the glamor and fan following.

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