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Topic: As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

People may think that their thinking ability would deteriorate when they solve problem relying on techonology,in which I don't think so. Though technology nowadays are very useful and convienent to us, it won't reduce our thinking ability, but in some way improve it.

When we look back the opinion that we rely on the technology to solve the problem, we must make it clear what technology we are using. The "technology" here can vary differently.For example,if it refers to calculation technology, then our thinking ability might not harm but instead improved, because the use of calculator will allow us having time to do other things while doing boring calculation.

However if the "technology" means TV or entertainment devices, then it will waste our time and reduce our ability to think.On this sense, it won't do us any training while we addict to TV.

The modern world equiped with the high technology give us more time to think about other things. you can easily communicate with a very far away friend.Compare to the past, more and more time are use to think for the future, instead of deterioration of thinking, people tend to focus more on thinking.
Because the problems we solve with technology are boring, repeating, creativeless in our daily life or academic researh. Much more labour is saved to do the creative thinking. If you ask your parents or granparents what changed so greatly in the world, they might point to the machines among us.can you imagine your life without printers,computers,washing machines, TVs, MP3 devices,etc. but do they shorten your thinking skill? Or on the contrary make you think more in other issues?

Here another factor does concern in this issue, that is how we define "think". If we think "think" is all about imagination or logical deduction. The result of using technology won't do any harm to it. But if you see "thinking" as a kind of calculation, a method of doing thing.There's no doubt in deteriorating thinking in this way.

In the end, deterioration only happen in a very tiny aspect, for most of us, our thinking ability won't be affected by relying on the technology.



Dear Jian,


I have just read your post and I agree that this is a subject that requires a larger debate, while only time will give one of us right.

As I see it, technology cannot improve your way of thinking, since you are not allowed time to think too much while you are using it. Technology can train your abilities, may develop specific skills, still thinking deserves more than those. Thinking is rather a more complex field, where technology can play the role of a stimulus or a tool. Referring to my experiences with teenagers who master or think they master technology, I would conclude that they tend to show a kind of inhibition when they are asked to perform reflective tasks in front of computer, probably because the computer is mostly used to achieve an immediate, clear, straight, technical goal.

In addition, all the worldwide social networks cannot replace the real communication, the one which provides you time to think and use all sort of natural time distractors or funny paraphrasings. 

All in all, we should use technology to master specific fields and our spare time to reflect more about the influence of technology in our lives.

Just a short comment. I was reading a book on linguistics years ago and it mentioned that illiterate people have very good memories. It makes perfect sense. I write down appointments and directions, etc., but they have to learn to retain it all.

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