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What do you think about an eventual accession of Ukraine to the EU?

What would be the pro's and con's of such an event?

(Your participation also will help me with my essay in political science, I need your opinion. Thanks!)




I think just now with the state of the EU why would Ukraine want to enter? They would have to join the euro which is unstable.


I am a student of Development Economics and of International Relations in the USA (for context to my opinion).


I belive that Ukraine's entry into the EU (we will assume that this has already happened) would be both beneficial to the EU as well as Ukraine. It would be an opportunity for the Ukraine to expand its market through closely tied integration, which it does not necessarily experience now because both Eastern and Western Ukrainian assets are in the hands of Russian Finacials (not to say that it is a bad thing, but the Ukrain could and would benefit from an enlarged market - also because, as Russia, the Ukraine has a highly educated workforce when compared to most within the Commonwealth of Independent States). the EU would get something out of this too -- Ukraine has more/less exhausted its oil and natural gas reserves, but it is still highly abundant natural resources such as coal, hydroelectricity and nuclear fuel. And with the EU looking towards alternative resources on a second by second basis (alternatives to oil and as, of course), this would only further the Ukraine's integration with the EU, as the EU has a real-time demand for these natural resources. Also, the increased revenue to the EU would give the nation a faster rate of growth in its GDP through net-exports, where these new found funds could be further invested into the nation's Information Technology education and infrastructure to help maintain or improve its rank as fourth in IT global production (only behind USA, Russia and India). THis would further the diversification of the Ukrainian economy, and it would help supply an already hungering demand for IT services throughout the EU, since Ireland's IT economy have fallen ill to a financial investment bubble.






correcting a silly typo -- "I believe"**

- access to the EU market, work for thousands of Ukrainiens
- easier way for investments from EU
- a LOT of money from EU cohesion funds
- Ukraine would get quite a big power in the EU Parliament, with their 44 millions of inhabitants
- it will be less probable that the Russians would stop the gas, because they would piss of an EU country
- reforms that would be required by EU, especially in human rights, justice etc.
- Schengen, euro



- all could be summed up in one sentence: it would REALLY piss off Russia and also some inhabitants of the east of the country
- there is a question of Crimea, Russia considers it their strategical territory. It would be a big problem if Russian soldiers needed a visa to come there. It might even launch some sort of military actions from the Russian side. Also Transnistria in Moldova would be then encircled by EU countries.
- some people living at the borders with EU would lose their "jobs" as smugglers
- some Ukrainian companies would bankrupt in the presence of the competition from EU

- higher prices for Russian goods, especially gas and oil

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