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A controversial question

Even more demanding in artistic technique were the small cylinder seals used to roll one's signature into the wet clay of a tablet recording a commercial transaction.

Which of the sentence below best express the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage? Incorrect choices change the meaning in important ways or leave out essential information.

A. The artistic technique then was difficult because they have to roll their signature into the wet clay of a tablet to record a commercial transaction.

B. One artistic technique was to use small cylinder seals to record a commercial transaction.

C. They used small cylinder seals to roll their signatures into a tablet to record a commercial transaction, which was a very difficult technique then.

D. It required high degree of skill to make small cylinder seals because it was difficult to roll one's signature into the wet clay of a tablet.



I prefer D, but my teacher's answer is C. I don't know why, anyone help?

Your choice, D, leaves out essential information:  that the tablet recorded a commercial transaction.

All four choices are wrong.


What requires artistic technique? Is it a) making the cylinders, or b) rolling one's signature onto a wet tablet?


Based on the sentence, it is obvious that making the cylinders requires artistic technique. Not rolling your signature onto a wet tablet. That's also common sense. How could rolling your signature be more artistic than making the cylindrical seal?


However, all of the answer choices say that rolling the signature requires artistic technique. So all of them are wrong. Also there are grammar and usage mistakes in most of the answer choices, so I can only assume that you are studying with very poor materials. I'm very sorry that this happened to you.


D is the closest to a correct answer, and in fact the first part is perfectly correct: "It required a high degree of skill to make the small cylinder seals." But the last part ("because it was difficult to roll one's signature...") makes D incorrect because, again, it is incorrectly saying that rolling the signature required skill.

Thant you, 博迈克. One more question. In my opinion, in the original sentence, the ' recording a commercial transaction' is using to describe the tablet, but in the answers, all of them prefer mean the tablet with one's signature  as a whole to record a commercial transaction. 

> Neil. Thank you. 

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