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Do you support same-sex marriage?




No.  I don't support same-sex marriage.  For practical reason - how can you have a child? It's all lust!!!


Both same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce are a fact here in Canada since 2005. I don't really care and it's not really any of my business how couples choose to pledge their commitment and faithfulness to one another, whether they're homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. These relationships will continue to exist no matter what the law says. They don't harm me and they don't harm society, so what's the big deal?


At the moment, homosexual couples (both men and women) are allowed to adopt children in the Netherlands and in Belgium. And research shows that in many cases, homosexuals make better parents that heterosexuals because they tend to be more motivated and committed. Heterosexual couples often have children by accident (some statistics say that up to 50% of pregnancies are unplanned) and aren't necessarily ready to become parents. It's never the case with gay couples, who carefully choose to have children. And the children of gay couples tend to be more open-minded and tolerant of people who are different.


People don't choose their sexual orientation and homosexuals already face enough social challenges throughout their lifetime. Why make their life even harder by denying them the same rights as heterosexuals, as if they were less than human?

i can understand it,but i can,t accept it

To be honest, I'm not supporting it BUT I rdo respect lesbians and gays. There's nothing wrong about it as long as you are being yourself and no intention of hurting people.

well i think its a bit silly beacuse they just marry for sex not love .... and it is one of big reason for Spreading ADIS 

@Maritza - -I totally agree with you.  Most of the cases of AIDS came from this group...I'm not saying that all homosexuals are like that - -I know homosexuals who are good and clean. I do respect homosexuals but there are always boundaries and limitations...

@ Steve H - -


No No and NO

@ Steve H - - anyway, i do respect your opinion.

Here in our country Philippines - - most infections are spread by perverts - - homosexuals!

"Cumulative data shows 33% (3,147) were infected through heterosexual contact, 41% (3,956) through homosexual contact, and 26% (2,534) through bisexual contact. From 2007 there has been a shift in the predominant trend of sexual transmission from heterosexual contact (20%) to males having sex with other males (80%)"


The basic arguments against homosexual marriage seem to be tradition and yuck it's gross, which are not very compelling arguments. On the first point it's ignorance on their behalf if they think marriage has always been this way. In the past women were more like property being exchanging from one family to another. On the latter point I'm not sure if some people have overactive visual imaginations where every time they meet a couple they imagine them having sex. If they do that's their problem and they are perhaps the sexual deviant.


Also the biggest obstacle with reducing AIDS is not homosexual sex but the catholic church who spread such lies as condoms don't prevent HIV but in fact cause it, amongst many others.

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