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Do you support same-sex marriage?




Well, I don't have a problem with two lesbians getting it on; but I don't feel the same way about two men hooking up together. First, I would think that anal sex would cause hemmorhoids. There is a certain private part of our bodies that is naturally designed to be an exit point for feces and digestive gas rather than an entrance point for a penis and sperm. Secondly, I have read that a high percentage of homo-sexual men have AIDs or are HIV positive by the time that they are 30 years old. If we allow homosexual men to legally marry, then they would be allowed to legally adopt children. Do we really want to put a lot of innocent children into a high-risk household environment for AIDs?


No.  I don't support same-sex marriage.  For practical reason - how can you have a child? It's all lust!!!


Both same-sex marriage and same-sex divorce are a fact here in Canada since 2005. I don't really care and it's not really any of my business how couples choose to pledge their commitment and faithfulness to one another, whether they're homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual. These relationships will continue to exist no matter what the law says. They don't harm me and they don't harm society, so what's the big deal?


At the moment, homosexual couples (both men and women) are allowed to adopt children in the Netherlands and in Belgium. And research shows that in many cases, homosexuals make better parents that heterosexuals because they tend to be more motivated and committed. Heterosexual couples often have children by accident (some statistics say that up to 50% of pregnancies are unplanned) and aren't necessarily ready to become parents. It's never the case with gay couples, who carefully choose to have children. And the children of gay couples tend to be more open-minded and tolerant of people who are different.


People don't choose their sexual orientation and homosexuals already face enough social challenges throughout their lifetime. Why make their life even harder by denying them the same rights as heterosexuals, as if they were less than human?

i can understand it,but i can,t accept it

To be honest, I'm not supporting it BUT I rdo respect lesbians and gays. There's nothing wrong about it as long as you are being yourself and no intention of hurting people.

well i think its a bit silly beacuse they just marry for sex not love .... and it is one of big reason for Spreading ADIS 


@Maritza - -I totally agree with you.  Most of the cases of AIDS came from this group...I'm not saying that all homosexuals are like that - -I know homosexuals who are good and clean. I do respect homosexuals but there are always boundaries and limitations...

Der Terminator has said it all.
Steve, how is it any of your business what people do with their private parts?
Maritza, please educate yourself on HIV/AIDS before saying things that make you sound like a complete moron.

Oh, and the fact that there's even a debate on whether or not two consenting adults should be able to get married is absurd to begin with, but I suppose it's human nature to care about and have an opinion on things that are none of your damn business.

@Der Terminator ...  Public health department statistics are not myths but are very real.  @Alexandra ....  Protecting innocent children against deviant behavior which causes hemmorhoids and AIDS should be everyone's business.  I can love the sinners, but not their sins.  I'm not saying that hetrosexuals are better than homosexuals; but I do believe that innocent children are better off being raised by healthy hetrosexual families instead of AIDS-infected homos.    

@Der Terminator ...  Well, ummm, I didn't know about all these statistics from other places outside of the United States.  I have only read up on U.S. health statistics from the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, GA.  I believe that overpopulation does cause much suffering and disease, even more so than the so called " sexually deviant" behavior; world overpopulation is a problem that is caused by hetrosexuals breeding too many children.  I believe that anybody who procreates more than a few children should be sterilized.  I do admire homosexuals for not overpopulating our small and fragile world.  Yes, hetrosexuals do cause problems and diseases which homosexuals don't cause.   OK ...  You've changed my mind about this issue ...  Homosexual couples should be allowed to be legally married; and if they can provide a healthy environment for children, then they should be allowed to also legally adopt children.  :D

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