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what do you think is the most important thing(s) in life?

  I am confused about the question of "what is the most important thing(s) in our lives?"

  maybe the dreams belong to ourselves? but sometimes our dreams are conflict with the wishes our families have on us, if we want to pursue our dreams our families may be hurt which I don't want to meet,or we give up our dreams and are arranged everything, then live the way wished by all the paople but ourselves,and since so, we can't live a happy life.

  There are two ways placed in front of me, one is the way my families are happy except for me; the other is I am happy but my families are sad for some time or even the rest of my life, I don't want to get the sorrowful result.  

  I really don't know how to do to balance the two things.what will you do if you are in the embarrassing situation? I want some ideas.

  Thank you!







I think, just give them (your family) the reason why you're really want to realize your dreams. Tell them about the advantages and disadvantages, slowly. Beacause I also feel and experience the same thing.


my families think I will live a hard life if I choose the way I want, it's not promising in their heart. I am even afraid of talking this topic with them now. And lacking the courage, I am living in the way they want but I really wanna to have a change. 

then, if you really feel bad about living in your parents way. Just hear your heart. Do you really wanna your dream become true. Are you really strong enough? Are you sure about make your families proud of you on your own way? Fine the answer first, I guess.

*Well.. sorry my english isn't really good enough. I'm Indonesian. Nice to know you..

no. I feel your English great. so nice for you to give me your ideas, and I am so happy to meet you. I think you are right, maybe I should listen to my heart ,do what I want to do. Perhaps my families will be proud of me when I succeed.

thank you.

I want to be friends with you,would you like to tell me your skype?

well, thanks :)

Yea, just do what do you want, which make you feel comfort. But don't forget about your families wish,  especially your parents.

Mmh.. sorry I don't register skype yet. Hehe

Ahh wait, how old are you?

i think youre the only starring in ur life, u musnt have to be miserable because of them, just do what u want to do nobody must blame u for that, let tell u one more thing, wether ure happy they should be happy if just they really love u.

There is only one life to live. I think it is very important to keep a good relationship with you family, however I also believe that you should walk the path you believe in. Even though it may be hard, I think it will give you satisfaction if you really believe that is your purpose.

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