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Women hate each other?


Have you ever felt that (some) women hate each other?  I have seen my fair share of how nasty it can be---spreading false rumors, back-stabbing each other, making passive-aggresive remarks etc.


The more miserable and powerless they feel, the more aggressive they tend to become. They have the ability to say the nastiest things in the most sweet way possible.


Do you have any insight into the nature of women? If any of you are successfully navigating the scary world of all-women environment, please enlighten me!! 


P.S. If any men are reading this, please feel free to comment. I'd like to know your opinions too!




I find women useful. They are different from men and they can be nice if men behave themselves properly ) Women are just more emotional. So, when they hate it's a real hatred :)

women is men's mother,and men is women's father


I disagree I think when there's an argument between women it's always presented as some bitchy dissagreement whereas the same situation between men is viewed differently.


I think all people can be passive aggressive. I really don't think there's a difference between the sexes. I think it's just the way the media presents them which makes them appear different.


How about female bosses or co-workers? I know it's not PC, but hey why not. 


"bosses are bitches/jerks by nature" I'm pretty sure many people would disagree. Only insecure, sub-par managers treat their subordinates poorly, just so that he/she looks like the boss. Taking care of subordinates is also part of the job of the manager. Management 101. Educated, capable managers know they won't get anything by bullying their subordinates. 



@Mimi,  "I really don't think there's a difference between the sexes." 

Do you think men and women treat a social hierarchy the same within the same-sex group? 


For example, some say Queen Bee status is more variable than that of alpha male. Morever, girls tends to pretend being "friends" with all friends i.e. all girlfriends are equal, although actually there is a big social power difference, whereas guys are more comfortable knowing where he stands in the group and are willing to admit the power difference if it's legitimate. In other words, girls want to pretend every girl is a prima donna while guys accepts that not every guy is a Quarterback. 

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