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I always can not sleep during the night .However, I strongly believe that sleeping is necessary for the brain of human .It is extremely significant not only brain but (also) our body in my opinion .I know very- well that it is vital for me . But, I can not find a remedy about this problem. If you know about the solution of this issue, that time you can help me.In conclusion, when I am able to solve this trouble, I will be so happy.




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Don't worry, it's normal. I can relate. Sometimes I just can't sleep, I lay there looking at the ceiling wondering what my life will be like in the future. Can't relax because I have too many worries. Even when I sleep all night, I'm still tired in the morning.I feel like you got so much on your mind at once, and there's something bothering you or you're worried about. Warm shower or bath as hot as you can tolerate can get your body nice and cozy and make you want to sleep, try it, helped for me.

you can try to drink a cup of milk before sleep and make sure u relax in a bedroom. playing music make better


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