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Does you know QingMing Festival?

QingMing Festival is called Tomb Sweeping Day.In China people ofen visit the grave with their family,so what do you think of this festival?do you know it ?



I don't even heared about it.! Could you explain about QingMing Festival?

Qingming festival is a traditional Chinese folk festival in public on April 5th.It is a sacrifice to the ancestors of the festival,the traditional ancestor worship activity for grave

Do you know not does you know

Today is Qingming festival. as chinese custom,we burn some fake money for our folks who were dead.Now people said we just remembered our ancestor,but in our culture deeply,we belived those money could used by ancestor in other world.and they could bless you for these years ,more and more chinese,riches,poor,governor,businessman…most of them like to do those things in this can imagine lots of fire\smoke and ghost in this night.

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