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your favourite season.

what is your favourite season and why?)



My favorite season is from June to October because I get to do my favorite outdoor activities like, hiking, backpacking, bicycling and kayaking.

My favorite season is winter. I don't know exactly why the winter is my favorite but I always like cold weathers. For instance I make a camp in winter and when the weather is cold, I like sitting beside the camp fire. The winter always affects me and makes me peaceful...

My favorite season is spring, why?

because it's hopefull for me, moderate temprature,  green plants ... etc.

My favourite weather is summer. Because i can do all activity in the yard. and i dont need to wash my motorcycle when the rain come down.

My favourite season is summer~ The only thing is that the sun's heat keep on burning my skin but it is the time where I can spent my holiday together with my family :)

my favourite season is winter because it's defficult to me to work in hot weather.

Summer!.... Hot Hot Hot.... just love the weather really

My favorite season is summer. I have plenty of time to do whatever I want. 

My favorite season is spring,beacause there are many flowers and green trees.and then I can go to outdoor to breath the fresh air.

Mine is summer.i can wear my floral skirts and mini dress.

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